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“Public health crisis”: The latest on physician burnout

February 2019
PHYSICIAN BURNOUT has been in the news in a big way, and most— but not all—of the news is bad. The biggest headlines went...


Who are you online?

EARLIER THIS SUMMER, a Houston nurse posted critical comments on Facebook about a young patient with measles. Besides raising privacy questions, the comments also questioned the value of vaccinations. Shortly after the post went public, the nurse was fired. The...


Physician compensation

How does geography affect physician compensation?

June 2019
Published in the June/July issue of Today's Physician  AS THE 2019 SURVEYS on physician compensation are released, the news is mixed. One large survey indicates that...

The money talk

February 2019

Negotiating compensation

December 2018


Doctors ignore noncompete terms at their peril

WHEN IT COMES TO restrictive covenants—also known as noncompetes—too many physicians make the mistake of believing these clauses are unenforceable. As a result, they figure it's OK to sign a contract without really caring how...

Taking a new job? Will you be covered when you leave?

YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A JOB and you’ve got a good handle on the compensation plan, the call schedule and the health benefits. But how much attention have you paid to making sure you’ve got...
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